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If you like your romance sensual (but not explicit) and too sassy to be sweet, this book (and the two sequels that will make up the Golden State Heart Trilogy) will be right up your alley!

Small-town practical to the soles of her size fives, high school English teacher Jen Casey has one weakness—she’s never been able to resist a dare. Ergo, when her BFF Candy Johnson throws down the triple-dog dare gauntlet, Jen has no choice but to accept the challenge. She e-mails former-classmate-turned-millionaire Brent Maddox, offering advice for the lovelorn. But, really. Is it her fault Celebrity Magazine published the e-mail instead of forwarding it? (Does not contain explicit material)

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Why Live? Now Available in Paperback
"To be, or not to be, the woman I was genetically engineered to be?" That's the question facing clone Kai-Lee Fox in my dystopian, sci-fi thriller, Why Live?. The novel, described by one reviewer as "uplifting and profound," and long available from most online vendors as an e-book, is now available in paperback. Get your copy today! (You'll find convenient buy links here!)


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